Artist Statement By: Roderick "Ryuki X" Ramsey

Legacy 000 = Shift : Conscious (More Mindful Tomorrow)

As an artist my intent is to inspire my audience  through my work.  In order to inspire conscious action toward a more mindful tomorrow. 


Through visuals I work to Kill Constructs.  This is executed by influencing subconscious thought.  Coding construct inversion into the content I produce generates visual stimuli (artwork) that is provocative in nature. 

When displayed in front of an audience my artwork has the potential to turn catalyst.  Prompting viewers to critically think through the muse (constructs) encountered within my artwork.  Engaging in critical thought allows for the evaluation of the construct itself and the effect it has on one’s perception. 

Constructs by definition are ideas based in subjectivity not built on empirical evidence.  An example of this would be…  (Opinion presented as Fact : Fallacy).  Through time, reflection, and rumination I have observed a direct correlation between Pain and Submission to Constructs.  On the spectrum of our reality the further an idea (construct) sits from the center (Truth, Understanding, Paradox, Neutrality...) the more potential that construct (idea) has to cause pain.  


When a collective submits to a singular subjective idea the result is a segmented population divided by fluid marginalization.  As our population or collective of individuals is composed of beautiful yet dynamic differences (Paradox : What makes us infinitely different is why we are systemically the same 🥴).  The collection of these dynamic differences coexisting within a controlled environment (Construct) manifest an array of varying intrinsic values.  These varying intrinsic values may or may not align with the subjective nature of the construct in question.  The act of submission to constructs has created a reality saturated in unavoidable pain based in misunderstanding.  


I work to identify constructs through time and observation specifically negatively charged constructs.  Once identified I then sit with my thoughts and feelings toward that identified construct while processing through reflection.  The artwork that I produce is a consequence of critical thought inspired by research and the rumination of my thoughts within my feelings.  As the artwork I produce is intended to prompt critical thought towards my muse (constructs).  Encouraging the masses to deconstruct the constructs that they allow to exist.  Inspiring conscious action toward a more mindful tomorrow.


Peace x Love x Respect : “!!”  

Roderick "Ryuki - X" Ramsey III


Background Information

Born in Pittsburgh PA I began studying graphic arts in highschool at Taylor Allderdice graduating in 2008.  Then I went on to attend Saint Vincent College where I received a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Marketing in 2012.  College strengthened my foundation in graphic arts by furthering my studies with core and elective classes.  In 2016 I graduated from Point Park with a Masters Degree in business management.  With a raw and developed desire to create coupled with my academic background I was ready to monetize my passion.  In 2020 I launched Ocular Arcade which functions as a digital production company providing services for web development, printmaking, and graphic design. 

Artist Resume