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  • Kendra Ross

2023 Duolingo Community Arts Program Grant

(Image Source: Duolingo | "The Legacy of Butterflies" mural | (c) 2022 Ray Carrington)

At Duolingo, we are proud to be a Pittsburgh-based company, and we strive to be the best neighbors we can in our East Liberty community. That’s why, in October 2020, we committed $150,000 to a community arts initiative that would provide funding and resources for public art projects in Pittsburgh. We’re excited to share an update on that program, and announce our next wave of funded projects!

We believe that artists help communities maintain their vibrancy and social cohesion. Our Community Arts Program allows us to not only support the efforts of those who make our neighborhood special, it also opens the door for meaningful, ongoing relationships that strengthen the fabric of our community.

Like last year, we’ve selected three winners for the artist grant. This year, in addition to the winners, we’ve included a merit award given to another three artists to partially fund exceptional projects.

We are proud to announce this year’s winners: Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum; Roderick Ramsey III; Lena Chen and Caroline Yoo.

We would also like to congratulate merit award recipients: ANQWENIQUE; Sarah Zeffiro and Nick Liadis; Studio Racine.

These artists proposed well-thought-out projects that intentionally involve, empower, educate, and advocate for the community in which the projects will occur.


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